About Us

Spiretek International Inc.

Spiretek is an award-winning temporary staffing service. Starting in 1995 in California, we spun off our services to Texas in 2004. In order to meet the robust local business requirements and rapid growth, we currently headquarter in Houston, TX.

With the vouch “Keeping Jobs in America” that all our staffing managers proudly and faithfully uphold, we serve local production clients all over Houston. At this point, we claim around 600 temporary workers across several major productions in both Houston and Victoria.

Our goal is to bring the most cost-effective services to the clients in the shortest possible time. With the constant advertisements in different media, we are able to routinely maintain an up-to-date resource of potential employees with a wide range of skills. That is how we constantly stay at-the-ready when inquiries that need to be filled “yesterday” knock on the door.